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Louisville, KY
Lat: 38°15'9.59"N Lon: 85°45'30.44"W
In Louisville, KY, an impressive, multi-faceted business exists within the massive spaces once used as a gigantic limestone quarry. It is MegaCavern. Every aspect of this eclectic business is remarkable simply for the fact that it all operates within such an awesome, subterranean environment, one which had to be profoundly reengineered in order to conduct manageable business.

MegaCavern was initially conceived simply as a storage operation. But the first challenge, then, was to reduce the 90’ ceiling height that overwhelmed prospective customers. So, the business evolved to become Kentucky’s largest recycling plant with mega amounts of fill material dumped to raise the quarry floors up nearly 70’ in most areas, thus creating spaces in which clients could actually do things like change the light bulbs. Other areas of MegaCavern were left alone for the world’s only fully interior zip-line operation.

It’s a crazy, wonderful place where you can really get lost in the dark. And in one corner of the cave you can find some pretty creepy mannequins on display. This particular area demonstrates how, during the Cold War, MegaCavern was (maybe still is?) designated as a Civil Defense site where Kentucky VIPs would be taken in event of nuclear attack. Today, the hapless, disheveled mannequins are apparently there to show us the utter misery of that existence. (So much for VIP status—reason enough to ban the bomb).

In the midst of our shooting, I found myself standing around with a few of these weird plastic forms and shot some interesting images with the help of my very bright flashlight. Have a look..
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