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New York City, NY
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If you think that the big days of big city construction are behind us (Empire State Building, Sears Tower, Brooklyn Bridge), think again. The only difference between those brawny, old days of steam shovels and dynamite and the new ones of TBMs and C-4 is what you’re able see on the street. That, and union benefits are way better.

These days, urban construction methods make it possible to conduct massive operations directly under the feet of millions of commuters and most are totally unaware of what is happening. Just visit Grand Central Terminal in New York City any day of any week for the next five years. Something worthy of science fiction is happening 140’ below the floor of that fabled structure very, very quietly.

The whole operation is called Eastside Access. But I’m not going to outline it all. There’s simply too much work going on for a simple blog entry. Go the MTA website (http://bit.ly/yuV9GX) and be amazed at the catalog of construction projects now underway in NYC.

It’s impressive, no? All of it to provide easier transport—access on the east side—for the millions of Long Island commuters coming in and out of Manhattan every day. For another five years or so, they’ll still have to do what Long Islanders have been doing for decades, walking to Penn Station on the Manhattan’s west side to then board a train headed east. It makes no sense, but in the old days, Long Island wasn’t the suburbia it is today. They meant to fix all this in the 1960’s and 70’s but NYC went bankrupt. So, it’s happening today. And, as they say on the island, bettah late than nevah.
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