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Dublin, Ireland
Lat: 53°20'54.51"N Lon: 6°16'30.19"W
Ireland. A land steeped in violence, death, and alcoholic brews from ancient times to modern.

This makes for mysterious and messy graves. I’ve filmed within the crypt of St. Michan's on the north side of the Liffey River. Here, there are ancient crypts used by families since the Middle Ages. And you can find coffins—lots of them—stacked up like boxes with the bones still inside. Most of the containers have broken with age so those bones are highly visible. It’s creepy and wonderful at the same time. I even found it to be, well, profound. The crypt has the distinct advantage of being constructed from limestone, which acts like a sponge against moisture while being surrounded by the root system of an ancient oak forest—long chopped down by the Vikings. The combination of dry air and a methane gas from vegetation rot through the ages has produced ideal conditions for mummification. It’s all very, very strange. One of the 700 year-old mummies is in wonderful condition, relatively speaking. The coffins are stacked one on top of another, side-by-side and some are filled with skeletal remains, others with complete mummies. You feel like you’re in a museum, looking at Egyptians, except nothing but nature accomplished this exhibit.
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